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GlobalSight is a collaborative, open source initiative to develop a flexible and sustainable Translation Management System (TMS) that leverages the best ideas and addresses the true needs of the industry. GlobalSight embraces an ecosystem of enterprise clients, translators, language service providers, technology suppliers, universities, research institutions and individuals alike to build out a next generation, industrial-strength TMS.

To see a demo showing how GlobalSight can help streamline the translation process, visit the demo page.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of this initiative. By bringing together all of the best minds, from translators and LSPs, to independent software vendors and enterprise buyers, the GlobalSight community leverages the collective experience, talent for innovation and history of best practices to build a next-generation, industrial-strength Translation Management System (TMS).

A single vendor cannot address and accommodate the growing demand for translated content. An open source community of seekers and solvers offers a solution for managing, translating and delivering the increasing volume of global content.

Choice & Flexibility

In this non-captive community participants are free to discuss, discover and develop an open source technology that is flexible and offers protection from mergers and acquisitions that present a risk to their ongoing operations. With no licensing fees and a minimal learning curve, users can download, install and build upon the GlobalSight platform while securing a return on their investment.


The industry demands a tool that recognizes the diversity of organizations, from roles and processes to development technologies and business models.   No single player can anticipate and support the desired variations and evolving requirements. Through an open modular design, organizations can depend on the customizability of a powerful, on-demand TMS tool backed by key industry players.


Organizations need translation management technology that will endure and prosper: a tool that aligns with strategic needs and integrates with critical business processes, from Business Process Management (BPM) tools and Content Management Systems (CMS), to translation automation and open translation collaboration. GlobalSight engages the right players to take the technology to the next level and transform a vital business function into a value-producing platform that will drive results.

Welocalize has committed to releasing a stable, robust, open source TMS product on January 5, 2009.

A 12-person global development team is working to transition GlobalSight to an open source product by replacing several third-party software components with the latest technologies. This transition not only removes any commercial software requirements, but also improves performance and scalability.


Existing Component

Open Source


OS Lisence



JBoss jBPM

4.2.1 GA

LGPL v2.1





GPL v2

Object Relationship Mapping




LGPL v2.1




4.0.1 GA

LGPL v2.1

Directory Management










GlobalSight History

In 1997 GlobalSight, a Seattle-based international web development company, introduced a new software tool called Ambassador Suite. This suite allowed webmasters to generate multilingual sites while managing in only one language.

For the next several years, Ambassador grew from a platform to develop and maintain multilingual websites, to a complete Globalization Management System (GMS) that automated the localization process, leveraged previously translated material and managed the translation process in a collaborative environment.

GlobalSight continued to invest in the technology to increase operational efficiency, improve Translation Memory (TM) capabilities and streamline multilingual content management.

In 2005, Transware acquired the GlobalSight Ambassador product and subsequently developed it into a scalable internet-based (ASP) product. In the latest release, Ambassador 6.8 improved upon earlier editions by offering customers an advanced customizable workflow engine that can connect to internal content or document management system software, customizable word count analysis, side-by-side review functionality at file and segment level with full comment threading and management, and a new reporting engine for flexible reporting on volume, costing and efficiency. Transware offered Ambassador as part of their Transware services, with no enterprise licenses or software maintenance.

Over $50 million dollars has been invested in the GlobalSight product since its start as the first translation management system in 1997. In May 2008 Welocalize inherited this solid technology with the acquisition of Transware. Welocalize is committed to investing in GlobalSight in the most efficient, innovative, and most important – open manner. This site is dedicated to understanding the needs of customers, LSPs and technology providers alike to develop and improve upon a Global Management System that can be shared by all.