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Current Community Stats

Total Members: 5,284
Total Downloads: 21,611

The GlobalSight community is comprised of and serves enterprise clients, translators, language service providers, technology suppliers, universities, research institutions and individuals.

The community supports the open-source TMS platform and everyone is encouraged to collaborate to innovate within an open-source framework to leverage the best ideas and practices that address the true needs of the industry.
We welcome you to Join The Community and participate as a user, tester, developer, writer or speaker for the GlobalSight Open-Source Initiative.


How do I get involved?

Chat with other members via the Discussion Forum
View GlobalSight Blogs to tell your story and read about other community members experiences and announcements.

Submit suggestions for community or product improvements to the Idea Forum to have the community weigh-in on the topic.

Check out the key leaders of the GlobalSight Open Innovation Initiative on the Steering Committee page. These community members represent various industry groups to drive the direction and vision of the product, to fill the needs of the industry.

The aim of this program is to improve upon a Translation Management System, within an open-source framework, that is available for anyone to use―with no license fees!

For more information or to speak to someone on the GlobalSight team, you may reach us at +1.800.370.9515 at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .