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Gary Prioste
January 5th Launch Just Around the Corner
2008.12.25 04:17:12
The January 5th  launch of the GlobalSight Open product is rapidly approaching.  Converting this product to open source was not a minor undertaking.   Replacing the database, middleware, workflow engine, and all the other 3rd party components with open source equivalents, was like replacing all of the vital organs in a human being.  The patient was clinging to life for a period there,  only to be revived through vigorous regression testing and bug fixing.  What we're left with is a stronger product than we started with - the core technology has been replaced by more robust, modern components, and many of the lingering bugs that had been part of the Ambassador product have been fixed.


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A Beta Testing program was launched on December 11th, with 16 companies participating.  Most companies were able to get the product up and running on their own, with the assistance of the Installation Guides, although the process has exposed some unclear instructions in the Installation Guides, which we have now corrected, in time for the launch.

The Beta program also allowed us to test the www.globalsight.com website.  The Forums in particular have been a great source for logging and answering questions related to the installation process, and various other technical tips.  There is a solid core of information now available to the open source community to use as a knowledge base in getting their installation up and running.

We're looking forward to January, and getting this initiative off the ground.  We're hoping companies can get this running on their own.  If they can't, the Welocalize Professional Services Group is available for support and implementation help.



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