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Related Information:

You can then open the file online and check the comments from the reviewer.

You can make the changes as requested or send comments regarding the translation back to the reviewer.

To make review changes online:

For more details on Pop-up Editor in general, see Using Pop-up Editor.
  1. Click Comments

  2. Check the list of reviewer comments in Segment Comments at the bottom of the page

  3. Click the file name to open more details in the Segment Comments page

  4. Sort the comments as needed by status - All, Open, Query or Closed

  5. Click View Page to address the comments in the editor. The editor can take a few moments to open for larger files
  6. Click Unlock

  7. Check each open comment in the Comments window at the bottom. You can show the corresponding English and translation by clicking the comment
  8. Right-click the translation and select Edit Segment to make the change requested in the Segment Editor

    • Edit the translation as needed in the Target box

    • Click Close Comment. You can then click Save and Close. You can also click Revert to undo your change, or to see the previous versions of the translation at the bottom
    • You can change a word in the entire file or in all files as described in Making Review Changes off-line. Download the file, make the change, upload the file and then resume in the on-line editor
  9. You can also enter a comment if you disagree or do not understand the review comment. Right-click and select Add/edit comment

    • Enter a title, your comment, a status, category and priority. Click OK. Leave the status Open if further confirmation is needed

  10. Click Close in Pop-pup editor once you have addressed all comments
  11. Click Back to Comments and check that all segment comments have been closed in the file

  12. Repeat the same process for any other comments on the Comments page
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