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The aim of this wiki is to share and develop information related to using the GlobalSight system. You are part of the GlobalSight team, so your edits and comments are not only welcome, but vital!

Signing up is not obligatory, but it makes things easier to discuss and easier to follow the edits.


Editing a page

GlobalSight is constantly developing and growing, so there will always be areas where documentation needs to be corrected, updated or improved. If you have definite information, go ahead and edit as needed.

To edit a page:

  1. Click Edit in an article, or in a section of an article
  2. Edit the information as needed
  3. Click Preview to check your edits
  4. Add a brief description of the change to the Edit Summary field
  5. Click Save

For further instructions on editing pages, see the Help. Don't stress about formatting and layout, that can be cleaned up by others.

Converting info to MediaWiki format

As with all wikis, MediaWiki has its own wiki syntax called wikitext. This means that content in other formats, such as Word, cannot be pasted directly onto wiki pages.

To transfer Word content, try one of the following:

  • Open the document with OpenOffice, and Save as MediaWiki
  • Save as HTML, open with notepad, paste into the converter here

To transfer PowerPoint slides:

  • Open the presentation
  • Save as jpg, or any other graphic format supported
  • Upload the slides as separate images

Discussing a topic

If you have a comment or question about a topic, start a discussion! This is a good way to get answers, since your comments will be seen by other users, including GlobalSight experts.

To discuss a topic:

  1. Click Discussion at the top of the page
  2. Type your questions, feedback or comments
  3. Sign your comments by typing the ~ symbol four times, or by clicking the Your signature with timestamp icon above
  4. Click Save

Following updates

To receive email notification when a particular page changes, click Watch. You can then add and remove pages from your Watchlist.

This assumes that you are logged in and have added your email address to your User Profile.


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